ID for Purchase agreement, Selling While Separated, Brokers vs. Sales Representatives
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Dear David,
While signing a purchase agreement, my Realtor asked for my driver’s licence. Why is that? – Privacy Please

Dear Privacy,

As a buyer or seller, you will be asked to produce photo ID (your driver’s licence, passport or other form of acceptable ID) and describe your occupation. Your agent will use this information to fill out a client information record that is submitted to the brokerage along with your Purchase Agreement.

Since 2008, the Financial Transactions & Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC) has required by law that Realtors complete this record and retain it in the Brokerage’s private files. In the vast majority of cases, that’s as far as the information ever goes. But should there be an instance where money laundering or terrorist financing is suspected, FINTRAC can request and review this document.

Dear David,
My wife and I have separated and she has left our family home. Do I need her permission to sell it? – Uncoupled

Dear Uncoupled,

Yes, if it is the family home, one owner will always need the other’s permission to list the house on the market, and also to sell it. Sadly, situations like yours comprise a large part of our practise; but when handled properly, both parties can be helped through the listing and selling process with empathy and understanding. Before getting started, consult with your lawyer to ensure that you both understand the steps that will need to be taken in your particular situation.

Dear David,
What is the difference between a real estate Broker and a Sales Representative?

– Title Checking

Dear Title,

While common, these terms can be confusing. Both sales representatives and brokers are real estate professionals who are subject to regulation under the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act. Both must be employed by a real estate brokerage and must be registered with RECO (Real Estate Council of Ontario) in order to trade in real estate in Ontario. Education is what makes the difference. With a sufficient amount of experience under their belts, a practicing sales representative can achieve the broker designation by passing additional courses and exams that qualify them to manage a brokerage.