Septic Inspection, Home-Based Business, Loud Students
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Dear David,
The home I am buying failed the septic inspection, is the seller responsible for repairing it? – Tank Issues

Dear Tank,

It depends on the wording of your sales agreement. If written properly, the agreement will stipulate that the septic system must be in good working order. When the system does not meet this requirement, the seller will need to make necessary repairs before closing. If time does not allow the seller to make these repairs, your Realtor (in conjunction with your lawyer) could negotiate a “holdback” of funds, which would allow you to have repairs done once the sale has closed and you have taken possession of the property. Depending on the scope of the repairs, the system may still need to pass a professional inspection. Once all necessary steps are completed, any remaining held-back funds would be released to the seller.

Dear David,
I’m thinking of launching a home-based business, does that create any zoning issues? – Entrepreneur

Dear Entrepreneur,

There are advantages to working from home, though your business model may be affected by what is or is not permitted in your neighbourhood. You’ll want to check with your city to see what is permitted and what licences may be required before moving full steam ahead. Some specific businesses are permitted in many residential zones. In the city of Kitchener, you are required to obtain a business license and an occupancy certificate before launching a business from home, though these rules will vary by location. Call you city’s zoning department to learn specific details as they pertain to your property.

Dear David,
With the universities back in session, there are a number of students who live on our street who are loud and disruptive late into the night. What should I do?

– Sleep Deprived

Dear Sleep Deprived,

The influx of students into our region each fall is a wonderful thing: they are a diverse and vibrant demographic who provide a welcome boost to our local economy. That said, many are on their own for the first time and may still be learning the ropes when it comes to striking a balance between the thrill of newfound freedom and the self-control it takes to be a good neighbour. If you feel that the disturbances in your street are becoming a nuisance, you may choose to report the issue to the dispatch desk at the Waterloo Regional Police Service. Activities of concern would include things like fighting, swearing and vandalism, among other things. Because the police are trained to deal with these types of situations, I would recommend letting them manage the issue, rather than attempting to do so on your own.