Sold Signs & Embracing Change


Dear David,

What is the acceptable number of days for a Real Estate “Sold” sign to be left on a property once the home has been sold? Some signs in our area are taken down within a few days or a weeks, which seems acceptable, but one in particular has remained for three weeks. It’s becoming an eyesore in my opinion, even though the agent might call it “good for advertising”. I called the agent and left a message, but the sign is still there. – A BAD SIGN

DEAR SIGN: Guilty as charged on this one. There are over 1800 Realtors in our region and all of us are looking for ways to differentiate ourselves. I’m fortunate to have gracious clients who are more than happy to share my contact information, refer me to others or let a yard sign remain as a nod of appreciation for services received. I truly appreciate the opportunity, as well as the advertising boost. Often, I’ll leave a “Sold” sign up until a week or so before the sale closes, with full permission from the homeowner, of course. Experience has taught me that while no one really wants a “For Sale” sign to linger, “Sold” signs tend to be a different story.

PRO TIP: Reputation is paramount. If a client of mine (or their neighbour) were to express concern about the placement of a sign, we would have it removed.

Dear David,

We’ve been in our home for almost 60 years. I’m ready to leave it for something that’s easier to care for, but I don’t think my wife is. – EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED

DEAR ATTACHED: It’s hard to let go of a home you’ve known and loved for decades. Your wife’s reluctance is pretty common and something I witness frequently, especially in situations where people are unsure of their next steps.

Perhaps your wife’s fear lies in the unknown. Embracing the idea of a new lifestyle can be challenging if you’re not quite sure what the future holds. There are a number of helpful resources at your disposal, starting with your Realtor. Ask around your social group to see what kind of retirement-friendly options others are enjoying. Visit the communities you are considering and chat with potential neighbours if you can. Affirmation from like-minded people can go a long way towards helping your wife to get excited about something new.

When a couple begins the house-hunting process, there is often one person who is more invested than the other. This happens across all age groups, not just in retirement! When you’ve both had a chance to see what’s out there and find something that suits your needs, a meeting of the minds can come much more naturally.

PRO TIP: When meeting new clients, I always take the time to talk with them about their needs and goals. This step can uncover fresh possibilities and goes a long way towards getting them pointed in the right direction, right out of the gate. I always want them to be excited about their next chapter in home ownership. #Advice #AskDavid