Repeat open houses, Aging in place


Dear David,

Why won’t my agent do another open house this weekend? – OPEN DOOR POLICY

DEAR OPEN DOOR: By the sound of it, your home may have been on the market for a while. As a seller, this must be very frustrating. Many variables can affect the sale of a home, yet regardless of its condition, location or price range, it must first and foremost, be priced correctly.

Here’s a hard real estate truth: when a home isn’t selling, it’s often because of the price. If a property is listed above market value, an agent can open house it seven days a week and it still may not sell.

Here’s another hard truth: sometimes, a weekend open house benefits the agent more than the seller. Open houses often attract curious neighbours or people who don’t have an agent, since qualified buyers tend to book showings through their own Realtors. While only a small percentage of homes sell because of open houses (the industry estimate is about 2-3 percent), hosting an open house is a great way for Realtors to meet new clients.

PRO TIP: The most common questions I hear from buyers are “how much is it” and “how long has it been on the market”. If your home has been listed long enough that your agent is tired of doing open houses, it may be time to make some strategic decisions.

Dear David

I’m worried that my mother’s house is becoming too much for her, but she loves it so much. I’m not sure what to do. – TORN

DEAR TORN: Downsizing or right-sizing may not be the solution, at least not yet. If staying at home is what makes your mother happy, you can take steps to help her age in place safely. For seniors, a primary cause of injury tends to be slips and falls. With minor modifications, you can help make her home safer, just as she may have once child-proofed it for you.

Take a walk through the house with an eye for safety. Remove potential tripping hazards, such as loose throw rugs. Consider modifying bathrooms with toilet lifts and grab bars, or adding a chairlift on the stairs. Talk to your pharmacist if medication management is a concern. For extra peace of mind, a small monthly investment in a fall detection system (such as is worth its weight in gold should you ever end up needing it.

PRO TIP: While safety is the top priority, emotional fulfillment is another important part of aging in place. Ideally your mother has family and friends close by, but if not, it may be worth exploring ways to build her social circle. No matter what our age or stage, we all benefit from the combination of physical well-being and meaningful emotional connection. #Ask David #Advice