Struggling to pick a downsizing option


DEAR DAVID: my spouse and I are in our sixties and will be retiring soon. We want to sell our family home and downsize, but we’re struggling with having so many options. This will be our final move and we want to get it right. Any tips? – WEIGHING THE PROS AND CONS

DEAR WEIGHING: Stop right there!

I hear this sentiment often, whether it’s from first-time buyers, those making a lateral move to a new city, or people who are downsizing. Everyone wants to plan out their lives for the next 20 years, which is rarely feasible.

Life is constantly changing. Through the course of my career, I’ve had only one client who stayed in their home for over 60 years. Most homeowners change location as their careers develop and their families grow or shrink. Jobs come and go, and new opportunities present themselves. The majority of us don’t stay on the same track long enough to get a golden watch at retirement.

But enough about “most people” – let’s talk about you.

When it comes to retirement choices, you are in the best position you’ve ever been in to fully enjoy your freedom. You don’t need to worry about school zones, the distance you commute to work, or neighbourhood associations. Your downsizing decisions are entirely your own, and you likely have the resources to live the type of lifestyle you desire.

The best thing about this stage is there’s no pressure to get everything right. Decisions are hard to make when you think in 20-year increments. Instead, take stock of your needs right now and find a place that makes you happy. If you continue to love your home in the coming decades, that’s great — but if you find it’s no longer a good fit, you can start looking around again and move someplace you like more.

So really, there’s no need to sweat this decision. Things will change (as they always do) and your housing choices don’t need to be permanent. You’re finally free to slow down and enjoy the spoils of your career. With so few obligations, it’s like rebooting back to your days as a new graduate, but this time you can afford many of the luxuries that were out of reach in your twenties.


Most people find comfort in the realization that they can spend as long (or short) a time as they wish in their home, no matter what their age. It’s easier if you don’t think of this as the “final chapter”. #Advice #AskDavid #TheNegotiator

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