Why was my showing over in 2 minutes?


Dear David: We’ve been spending a lot of time getting our house ready for showings. We are disappointed when buyers book appointments, but only stay for a few minutes. In one case, we watched an agent stand on our porch and chat on his phone while his clients went through our house. How do we come to terms with this? – ANNOYED

DEAR ANNOYED: I hear your frustration. Getting your home ready for showings can involve weeks, or sometimes even months of preparation. Decluttering, staging and cleaning takes a lot of effort, and when a buyer gives you the brush off, it can stir up strong feelings. It’s almost like riding a roller coaster at Canada’s Wonderland: you wait in line for hours, and when you finally board the train, the ride is exhilarating – but over in two minutes.

Showing appointments are typically booked in the daytime or early evening, when sellers are away from home. Pandemic closures have left some sellers with no place to go, so they simply step out of the house. This gives them a much closer look at what’s going on than they might otherwise have.

We love our homes for different reasons, and not every house is a fit for every buyer. If someone walks into your home and realizes the floorplan isn’t for them, they’ll likely move on in short order, especially if they have five other houses to see that day.

When I show homes to clients, I typically tell them that they are trying to rule out the properties we see. When we enter a house that’s not a good fit, we tend to move on right away. This could cause hurt feelings if the seller was in the vicinity, but at the same time, it’s not appropriate for us to nose around someone’s home if my clients have no interest in buying it. If we see a home we can’t rule out, we know we’ve found “the one”.

If you spend an hour straightening up and the showing only lasts a few minutes, please try not to be offended. Think of showings like speed dating: not every setup is a good match, and with COVID mandates keeping things on a tight schedule, buyers feel more pressure than ever to make their decisions quickly. 

As for the agent who stayed on your porch while his clients were loose in your house, this is completely unacceptable, without exception.

Realtors are entrusted with the care, control and safety of your home. It’s their role to accompany clients through the house and point out features and benefits as they go. They also need to protect your home from strangers. Upholding this level of professional trust is a cornerstone of the real estate industry.


If a buyer and their agent show your home only briefly, try not to take it personally. Not every home is a fit for every buyer. If a buyer moves on quickly rather than loitering in a house that isn’t for them, they may be doing so out of respect for your personal space. #Advice #AskDavid #TheNegotiator

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