Lights left on during showings, can I get a deal on power of sale?


Dear David,

My house is on the market and I’m frustrated by the showing appointments. It doesn’t feel like people are respecting my property. They are leaving the lights on even though my agent asked them not to. What can I do about this? – CONSERVING ENERGY

DEAR CONSERVING: I always warn clients that a week on the market will feel like a month of their lives, and these types of irritations are the main reason why. Moving is tough. Selling your home will often unleash a flood of emotions and having people in your space is an invasion of your privacy.

For better or for worse, it’s all part of the process. If you’re going to get the most money for your home, you need to expose it to the open market. That means you need to show it. Agents typically take great care following a homeowner’s instructions, but sometimes they get distracted, and lights get left on.

I was brought up in a home where we turned off the lights when we left the room. I suspect the rules were similar at your house. Decades later, it still feels wasteful to leave lights on, and it drives me nuts when my family does this. Here’s a bit of perspective to help preserve your sanity: carbon footprint aside, it costs about three cents to burn an LED bulb for 24 hours. Burning 60 LED bulbs for 24 hours costs about the same as a Tim Horton’s coffee.

When you can’t control the actions of others, adjusting your mindset may help. Pick your battles by focusing on what you can control. Try doing something fun while your home is being shown, or plan a few days away (and expect to see lights on when you get back). As annoying as they may be, showings are proof that your home is attracting valuable attention from buyers.

PRO TIP: Keep your goals in mind. Remember that with every light left on, you’re one step closer to the dream of moving back home, being closer your grandkids, or enjoying that lifestyle condo near your favourite restaurants.

Dear David,

 Is this a good time to get a deal on a power of sale? – CURIOUS

DEAR CURIOUS: Power of sale is when a mortgage lender (often a bank) sells a property to recoup their assets when the mortgage holder (aka homeowner) fails to make payments.

In our area, power of sale properties are very rare and usually command fair market value.

PRO TIP: Power of sales are sold “as is”. If a power of sale sells for less than market value, there’s a reason. Make sure you get professional advice and guidance through the buying process. #Advice #AskDavid #TheNegotiator

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