Best Area in K-W, Ceramics Style, Right Sizing, Basement Finishing
Kitchen with lots of counter space and wood table


Dear David,
Where is the best area to live in K-W? – New in Town

Dear New,

Thankfully, Kitchener, Waterloo (and Cambridge) boast many great neighbourhoods with options to suit a wide variety of price ranges. The best area to live really depends on what works best for you: would you like amenities in walking distance? Easy highway access? Specific schools? Green space? Proximity to work? These are a few of the many questions I ask my buyers. Listening to the answers, we can choose an area that is best for them.

Dear David,
We’re building a new house and are currently picking out ceramics. Any advice? – Design Bug

Dear Design,

Be careful of the trendy stuff! Like a navy blue suit, some things are timeless…and others are not. When you’re looking to make a style statement in your home, it’s probably best to do it with accessories, paint or other things that can be changed easily. Tile choices tend to be long term; don’t let an impulsive selection be a deal breaker when it comes time to sell.

Dear David, We’re a retired couple thinking of selling our home and renting an apartment. Not interested in a condo. Is it better to put the house on the market first and look for an apartment, or find what we’re looking for and then sell? – Right Sizing

Dear Right Sizing,

Being a Seniors Real Estate Specialist, I hear this question a lot. My suggestion is always to look forward. You’re going to be spending the next chapter of your life in your new apartment, so let’s focus on that first! A knowledge of where you will go next can reduce a lot of the stress associated with moving and will allow you to sell your current home at your leisure (unless there is an urgent reason for having to sell right away). Right-sizing your living space will involve some big changes; the process can feel more manageable when it is broken down into reasonable steps.

Dear David,
Do I need a building permit to finish my basement? – Do-It-Yourselfer

Dear DIY,

While it’s always best to check with your municipality, I can say with near certainty that you’ll need a permit for this type of renovation (and nearly every large-scale project). The approval process for a building permit helps to ensure that the work you do is completed in a safe manner that complies with current Building Code, zoning and environmental regulations. You’ll want to get these plans in place before any work is done.