Is it worth staging an entry-level home, Summer market snapshot


Dear David,

We have an entry-level semi-detached home and are ready to sell.  We’re sure it will attract lots of buyers, is it really worth staging? – POPULAR

DEAR POPULAR: In my opinion it’s worth pulling out all the stops, even if you think your home will be an “easy sell”. I agree that an entry-level semi, correctly priced, is bound to attract attention. Keep in mind though, that by going the extra mile you’ll be able to get the best possible results and maximize your return on investment.

Catching a buyer’s eye is a lot like dating…and staging your home is like “dressing to impress”. First impressions make a huge difference and when you put your best foot forward, the results are always better. Typically, potential buyers fall in love with staged homes faster, and are willing to pay more to own them (the dating metaphor ends here, by the way). Throughout my career I’ve seen professionally-staged homes bring multiple offers time and time again, regardless of market conditions. Of course, that’s always assuming they are priced correctly.

No matter what calibre of home my client owns, I instruct them to prepare it for sale in a similar way.  The process includes decluttering and professional staging. I actually believe so strongly in the power of staging that I typically pay for the service myself, just to ensure we get the best results. Whether you’re selling an entry-level semi or a million-dollar mansion, the results tend to improve exponentially with staging.


Dear David,

We heard the real estate market isn’t doing so well. What do you think? – CONCERNED

DEAR CONCERNED: We hear questions about market shifts on a regular basis, so I’m going to time stamp this comment for August 2018. Although summer vacation tends to make this a quieter time of year in real estate overall, the volume of sales in our Region remains strong.

I sold two properties last week, both in multiple offers, and both at almost five percent beyond the seller’s expectations. In reviewing previous local sales over the past few weeks, I can see that about 50 percent of homes sold brought full asking price or more. From where I’m sitting, things look pretty solid.

In my practice, the principles of success remain consistent throughout the year. Careful planning, ample preparation and effective marketing will capture the attention of interested buyers at any time of year. While spring and fall typically see a higher volume of buyers, it only takes one (or better yet, two) to be able to sell your home and achieve outstanding results.