House hunting is not like on TV


Dear David,

We went to an open house and met an agent who was new to the business. He offered to take us out and show us three different houses. Afterwards, he seemed annoyed that we didn’t want to buy one of them. What’s with the attitude? – FEELS LIKE A TV SHOW

DEAR FEELS: Industry studies show that when it comes to house hunting, some people browse online listings for up to a year before ever setting foot in a property. Other times clients say they weren’t really thinking of a move, but drove past a house they’ve always admired and saw a For Sale sign, so want to put in an offer. The hunt for the perfect house is different for everyone, and while it’s possible to find a new home in three showings or less, it’s certainly not expected.

Statistically, open houses don’t sell homes, but they do help agents find new clients. My guess is that if your agent is new to the business, this might have been what he was after. Maybe he was having a bad day, or feeling the crunch of starting out in a new industry, or he may not have realized that finding the right house was going to take some time. Unlike what we see on television, a property search rarely wraps up in 3 showings and 22 minutes.

Ideally, the house hunting process starts well ahead of hitting the pavement. Before I book a showing appointment, I typically sit down with my clients to talk about wants and needs, likes and dislikes, and “must haves” for their next home. This step ensures our time is spent wisely, and that the homes we see fit the clients’ criteria. As I’ve mentioned several times before, my goal with buyers is to rule out every house we see. If I find a house they can’t rule out, there’s a good chance it’s “the one”.

The other day, a client of mine remarked that I market all of my listings the same way, no matter what their value. The blessing of having an established real estate practice is that I don’t face the same pressures as someone starting out in the business, which gives me the luxury of time. An agent who needs to sell a house to put food on the table may not be slowing down enough to fully understand your wants and needs. No matter where an agent happens to be in their career, they need to thoroughly understand what you’re looking for.

PRO TIP: The more information you provide for your agent, the better they’ll understand you and your family, and the more successful your home search will be. The time I spend with my clients before we begin our search quite often uncovers options they may never have explored on their own. When I see those clients again for their second or third move, the conversation often changes. By that time, they may be in a new job, a new stage of family life, and attuned to new hobbies or circumstances that change where they choose to go next. #Advice #AskDavid #TheNegotiator

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